StudioCollect-P is a simple interface residing in the the insert section of your favorite DAW (DAW agnostic actually, meaning you can use it in AU, VST and AAX) allowing you to gather all important information about your recording session whether it’s just you or a full production and multiple contributors.

Being truly DDEX-RIN compliant (I’ll be speaking about the meaning of this in the near future and why it’s crucial to your workflow and commerce), you are ensured a seamless integration into the digital supply chain.

The plugin is free, and will always be that way. Soon we will be releasing StudioCollect as an online platform that provides exhaustive metadata gathering and digital asset management features.

Gather information on time signature, tempo, musicians, writers, producers, PRO’s, splits and more.


The plugin and platform is our way of educating and preparing you as engineers and producers for the expectations you will have from major and independent labels in terms of deliverable submissions.


Using this plugin also encourages a “best practice” where these tasks have been around for a century, but largely lost with the onset of ADAT recording, DAW’s and any type of digital home production. Many metadata gathering practices were lost that were normally passed on within large studios.

Additionally, using this prepares you as entrepreneurs - being able to quickly identify those attributes against an asset as requested by a music supervisor enables the content creator first chance at a sync/licensing opportunity.


For example- a music supervisor asks you for a song between 85-100 bpm, minor key, in 3/4 with tambourine and glockenspiel. Open your database, generate your report, select the songs that fall into this category and send it to her asap- increase your odds of getting the sync and licensing opportunity by responding within minutes instead of days or weeks.


feel free to email me at dwaters@vevasound.com