• Multi-track - Most commonly is a digital audio workstation (DAW) session file and all corresponding audio files used to create the final mix master. Common DAW platforms are Pro Tools, Logic, Neundo, etc. The audio files do not have the effects printed to the actual audio.

  • Stems - Represent each core performance of the musical arrangement of each Master Mix, such as each featured vocal, core or featured instrument, instrument section or vocal group and any additional sounds. All effects are printed to the respective parts.

  • Flat Master - Master mix with no EQ or effects (which are added at mastering).

  • Two-track Master – Final mix master approved by the artist, producer, and engineer intended for commercial release.

  • Surround Master – Any Surround mix created using more than 2 full bandwidth channels and one or more low-frequency effects channels. Examples include 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.2, Pro-Logic IIx, Pro Logic IIz, Dolby DSX, etc

  • Mix versions:

    o A Capella Mix – Lead Vocal and BGV Only. Can also print LV Only A Capplla and BGV Only A Capella Mix

    o Instrumental – No vocals, instrumentation only

    o TV Mix – No Lead Vocal – includes all instruments and BGV's

    o Clean Mix – A complete replica of the mix master containing no profanity in the lyrics

    o Production Master - (in current and future production master release formats) – A fully edited and equalized master created at mastering and derived from the final and approved flat master.


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