Access and Monetize

VEVA Sound is uniquely equipped to help entertainment companies, artists and institutions adapt to the ever-changing realities of the digital world. Our unparalleled experience in this business allows us to anticipate emerging revenue sources. Together, we'll make sure you're making the most of your assets.

Does an advertiser, director, network or production company want your music for a TV show, commercial, movie or other artistic use? Through VEVA Sound's custom built online platform, Asset Connect, you're able to immediately provide the necessary content to maximize your media exposure and fast-forward your future earnings. Asset Connect allows our clients ease of access to their work with just a few clicks of the mouse. And access is of paramount importance for the artist and label alike.

Future-proof archival migration and the corresponding metadata ensures that all assets will be available now and in the future, effectively countering the rapid software and hardware obsolescence and high probability of media failure that puts all modern audio and video recordings at high risk.


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