Jed Allcock

Archival Engineer, London

Whilst working in the post production department at Abbey Road, Jed developed his craft amongst some of the most talented and revered audio minds in the business. He offers a knowledge steeped in history alongside a deep understanding of analogue tape, working with the recordings of such artists as The Beatles, Kate Bush, and Coldplay. At Abbey Road Jed led a team of five, delivering archives for Warner Music Group, Universal, Decca, and Mute Records. Hours of critical listening have put him at ease handling all genres of music with meticulous attention to sonic detail.

Jed holds a degree in Music Production from Leeds College of Music, UK and is a producer/songwriter. His understanding and appreciation of the creative process underpins his understanding of the archive process.

At VEVA Sound, he handles archival migration and metadata creation for the European market. He has expertise and comprehensive knowledge of all DAWs, archiving and file transfer methodologies.