VeVa Sound (formerly BMS/Chace LLC) was founded in 2002 in Nashville, TN. For the past 15 years we have worked to define, create and implement the standards for how sound recordings are preserved and monetized. Through partnerships with The Recording Academy, The Library of Congress, DDEX, NDSA and NDIIP, we are actively at the forefront creating technologies which allow our clients to identify and properly credit their music collections, whether they be legacy recordings stored on analog or digital tape or current born digital projects. Through the use of our online tools, our clients can view, access and report on their information at any time. 


Collect & Preserve

Collect & Preserve



Have Your Assets? Verify That You Do.

Music is made with passion and meant to be loved, enjoyed and remembered forever. At VeVa Sound, we are passionate to the point of perfection with preserving artistry in all forms. In fact, we have it down to a science.

We created the technology that has become the baseline for a global industry standard for the comprehensive verification, preservation and data management of audio and video assets.

With sophisticated internal software tools and a structured consistent methodology, we verify that the audio files for every track, mix, vocal and instrument on a given project is present, and in the best possible format with the highest resolution, validate that the proper people (both performing and non performing) involved in the project are correctly and accurately identified, and catalog everything -- from new master recordings, video, audio, photos – essentially anything an artist, label or content owner wants to preserve, monetize, and have access to for all time.


Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Music knows no boundaries. It reaches into the soul, brings people together and lifts us up. Today, it also spans the globe in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your irreplaceable audio and video assets are valid -- not just for many years to come -- but far into the future.

At VeVa Sound we enhance the value of any audio or video catalog and never stop working to ensure its long-term survival never ends. Whether you’re an established artist, a DIY performer, a record label or an institutional archive, we can help you secure your assets with state of the art services and tools for archival preservation and fast access, so that mixes, stems and individual audio files (and the metadata associated with them) are always available.

Our various enterprise-class hardware and software options offer you the best and most economical decisions for ongoing preservation and immediate access to all your assets.


In It For The Long Haul.

Today’s artists and performers generate unprecedented amounts of carefully crafted work. Music, video, photos, mixed media – yesterday, today and tomorrow – legacies that deserve to be properly preserved.

At VeVa Sound, our unique enterprise-class data management techniques and metadata tools ensure the usefulness, sustainability and value of any catalog.

Our state of the art technology and highly skilled engineers, coupled with real-world workflow expertise, makes sure that nothing is ever lost along the way. High quality transfers and migration to digital preservation file-sets are available from any source, including at risk or deteriorating media and obsolete formats.


Access & Monetize

Access & Monetize

VeVa Sound is uniquely equipped to help entertainment companies, artists and institutions adapt to the ever-changing realities of the digital world. Our unparalleled experience in this business allows us to anticipate emerging revenue sources. Together, we'll make sure you're making the most of your assets.

Does an advertiser, director, network or production company want your music for a TV show, commercial, movie or other artistic use? Through VeVa Sound's custom built online platform, Asset Connect, you're able to immediately provide the necessary content to maximize your media exposure and fast-forward your future earnings. Asset Connect allows our clients ease of access to their work with just a few clicks of the mouse. And access is of paramount importance for the artist and label alike.

Future-proof archival migration and the corresponding metadata ensures that all assets will be available now and in the future, effectively countering the rapid software and hardware obsolescence and high probability of media failure that puts all modern audio and video recordings at high risk.





Making The Old New

VeVa Sound has always championed the importance of preserving legacy recordings. From small collections to large archives of major recording artists, whether they be analog or digital, VeVa Sound is capable of transferring media recorded on many different formats. While the number of machines capable of playing back this legacy material for transfer and digitization purposes has been rapidly diminishing over the past decade, our collection continues to grow. We now incorporate not only professional formats like DAT, DASH and PD, but also MDM formats (ADAT and DA-88/98), analog cassettes and, of course, Analog multitrack reels. VeVa Sound also owns the equipment and software to restore old backup tapes made with Mezzo and Retrospect. VeVa's impeccable transfer practices have resulted in our working with companies and major artists from around the world preserving some of the best selling music in history.

Let us help you!

Attention PD Reel Users!

Do you or your artists have master recordings on Pro-Digi (PD) format reels? If so, they are at risk!!  Click here for more information




BringING You The State Of The ArT

Cutting-Edge Hardware, Software and Archival Practices

VeVa Sound is the only company in the world who archives sound recordings down to the multi-track file level. VeVa’s technology, archival practices and level of granularity is unparalleled in the industry. Not only are your mixes and documents secure, but each and every file that went into the creation of your song is uniquely identified and archived. During this process all files are non-destructively associated with a key from which they can be uniquely identified. All digital preservations files are assigned a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) inserted into the bext-chunk header of each digital preservation file, linking each file permanently to the extensively validated metadata set created during the archival process. VeVa creates and supplies MD5-checksums for each preservation file, which are incorporated into the metadata database. Both GUID and MD5 values are provided to our clients and are easily searchable via Asset Connect.

Systems Integration


VeVa Sound can be positioned within any level of an existing technology stack. Our robust northbound and southbound APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow for simple upstream and downstream integrations, which strengthen the value of your assets. Our detailed metadata linkage, residing in a shareable database separate from the digital preservation file set, allows instant adaptation to new royalty requirements as they arise and ensuring the corresponding metadata information is current without ever having to touch the archived digital preservation file sets.

Metadata Capture and Deployment


VeVa Sound President, John Spencer, chairs the DDEX Studio Metadata Working Group, to create a global standard for the collection of performer, role, descriptive, and technical metadata. Being at the forefront of all the latest discussions regarding music technology, our clients are always notified and advised on the best practices as they emerge to keep your catalog current.

Asset Connect

Asset Connect is the world’s leading asset management platform utilized by a myriad of people. Ranging from the largest music companies, to independent labels and individual artists, to organize, manage and access their catalog. Asset Connect is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices which allows our clients easy access to all of the business and technical metadata associated with their assets. We custom-tailor our proprietary software to each client’s unique specifications.



VeVa Sound can create a variety of specialized software, custom tailored to each client's needs. Our tools enhance the capture of a rich set of documentation and metadata, and we never forget that it is your data. Our open-source output enables all assets to conform to a wide variety of existing and emerging metadata standards and to remain easily accessible in the future using open-source file sets and database structures rather than proprietary systems that can vanish. Institutions with existing archival database can expect a seamless electronic transfer of metadata, and collections without an existing database can take advantage of our experience in creating custom database environments.


Future-proof Documentation

VeVa Sound stores all client project metadata in a standardized format (schema) created in conjunction with the Library of Congress and has been adopted into DDEX. Future-proof archival migration and documentation ensures that all assets will be available now and in the future, effectively countering the rapid software and hardware obsolescence and high probability of media failure that puts all modern audio and video recordings at high risk.










John Spencer


John Spencer has widespread experience and visibility both in the music industry and in archival preservation and enterprise class information technology. Since 1978, he has been involved in many facets of high-technology professional audio and video. As our president and the ambassador at large for VeVa Sound, John promotes structured metadata collection to media companies and institutions worldwide. His efforts led to a 3-year partnership with the Library of Congress, strategically focused on metadata best practices for the commercial recording industry.

John was formally educated at Middle Tennessee State University, graduating with Honors with a B.A Mass Communications, 1982.


  • Artist: Mac McAnally

  • Album: Pink Floyd - "The Wall"

  • Song: Yes - "Roundabout"

Professional Associations:

  • The Recording Academy P&E Wing National Advisory Council, Nashville chapter Advisory Council and co-chair of the Deliverables Committee

  • Chairman of the DDEX Working Group for Studio metadata (, setting global end-to-end standards for commercial recordings

  • AES (Audio Engineering Society) Studio Practices/ Production Technical Committee and the Digital Libraries Technical Committee

  • AMIA (Association of Moving Image Archivists)

  • ARSC (Association of Recorded Sound Collections) Technical Committee

  • NRPB (National Recording Preservation Board) Digital Audio Preservation and Standards Task Force

  • National Digital Stewardship Alliance (Library of Congress) charter member - Coordinating (the lead committee), Standards, and Infrastructure Committees


Deborah DeLoach

Vice President

Deborah established our East Coast office in 2006 and now resides in Nashville at VeVa's headquarters. She oversees client management in the New York, Los Angeles and Nashville offices. Deborah advises many label executives, producers, engineers and artists seeking archival and asset management solutions. She plays an active role in the development and execution of VeVa Sound's ever growing internal technology and systems. She is actively pursuing the global expansion of VeVa Sound, branching into Europe, with the opening of VeVa's London office.

A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Recording Industry Production Technology, Deborah is a recording engineer and post-production engineer.


  • Artist: Ryan Adams

  • Album: Elton John - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

  • Song: Madonna - "Like A Prayer"


Professional Associations:

  • The Recording Academy Grammy P&E Wing - member

  • Member of the DDEX Working Group for Studio metadata (, setting global end-to-end standards for commercial recordings

  • Audio Engineering Society (AES) - member

  • American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) – writer

John Sarappo

Director Of Engineering

A 25-year veteran of the pro audio industry, John leads database development and implementation, process engineering, and project management operations. He also oversees the upkeep and operation of all legacy recording equipment, both analog and digital. John splits his time between NYC, LA and Nashville to ensure that all systems are functioning and that internal processes remain consistent and efficient.

John is expert in relational database theory and practice, and has been
developing database solutions for over 20 years. He is versed in FileMaker, Access, Excel, Visual Basic, C++, SQL, Postgres, XML, and other scripting languages.

Following 10 years as a Systems Engineer in the defense industry, John’s audio career has encompassed numerous positions in a wide range of technical roles, including: Freelance Recording Engineer, Service Technician, Technical Writer, Director of Customer Services at Alesis Studio Electronics, and Product Specialist at Otari Corporation. John graduated from Drexel University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1982 and from Trebas Institute in 1989 with a Certificate in Recording Engineering.


  • Artist: The Beatles

  • Album: "With The Beatles"

  • Song: "Little Child" - The Beatles


Professional Associations:

  • Member of the DDEX Working Group for Studio metadata (, setting global end-to-end standards for commercial recordings

  • Audio Engineering Society (AES) - member

Narima WONG

SENIOR Director Of Label Services

Narima oversees the NYC office as well as all internal project management for Nashville, LA and NYC. She is the liaison with all label A&R administrators on the East Coast. As our senior archival engineer, she continues to work on data integrity and sees to the efficiency and evolution of our internal systems and processes.

A Recording Arts graduate of Full Sail University, Narima spent 5 years in recording engineering, client relations and administrative duties at Quad Recording studios NYC.


  • Artist: Nickelback

  • Album: The Backstreet Boys - "Millennium"

  • Song: Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"

Hayley Abell

Director of Label Services - LOS ANGELES

Hayley oversees the LA office and is the liaison with all label A&R administrators in the city. She also handles media asset verification, archival migration and database organization, and project management.

 A Recording Arts graduate of Full Sail University, Hayley is a musician, writer and audio engineer who has worked in live sound and at multiple recording studios in Los Angeles, most recently at Glenwood Place Studios. 


  • Artist: Led Zeppelin

  • Album: Sam Smith - "In The Lonely Hour"

  • Song: Fleetwood Mac - "Rhiannon"

Derek McGinley

Archival Engineer- Los Angeles

Derek handles asset verification, archival migration, and metadata creation in our Los Angeles office.

A musician and engineer, Derek has worked in live sound, engineering at multiple recording studios in Los Angeles. As a drummer, he’s played and toured. In his free time he enjoys playing and exploring different drums and styles from Taiko drums and tension field drums. Derek is a graduate of Full Sail University with a B.S. in Recording Arts.


  • Artist: Prince

  • Album: Refused - "New Noise"

  • Song: Okervil - "The Silver Gymnasium"


Geovana gaitan

Archival Engineer - New York

Geovana is a Colombian Audio Engineer who handles asset verification, archival migration, and metadata creation in our New York office.

Geovana started her studies as a Music Major with a concentration in Audio Production at La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia in 2009. She moved to Montreal in 2012 and attended the RAC (Recording Arts Canada) one year program in Sound and Music Recording. In 2014, after completing the Sound and Music Recording program, she attended Middle Tennessee State University where she graduated with a B.S. in Recording Industry, with a concentration in Audio Production in 2016. She is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).



  • Artist: Juan Gabriel

  • Album: Linkin Park - "Hybrid Theory"

  • Song: Mumford and Sons & Paul Simons- "The Boxer"

Todd Hungerford


Todd Hungerford is an audio engineer and a musician. In 2015, he graduated from Middle Tennessee State University, where he obtained a B.S. in Recording Industry, with a concentration in Audio Production. He has spent the past 15 years playing guitar, and the past 6 years recording in his home studio. An Idaho native, Todd enjoys camping, backpacking, and reading in his spare time. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society. 

At VeVa Sound, Todd handles asset verification, archival migration, and metadata creation in our Nashville office.


  • Artist: Bob Dylan

  • Album: The Pixies - "Surfer Rosa"

  • Song: Nick Drake - "From The Morning"

Lauren Dempsey

Director of Accounting

Lauren Dempsey is a graduate of Belmont University with a degree in Business Administration with the emphasis in music business. At VeVa Sound, Lauren oversees bookkeeping for all locations. She handles the invoicing for the major labels and all other clients. Lauren manages the day-to-day account activity with VeVa Sound. Lauren enjoys reading in her free time.


  • Artist: A Day to Remember

  • Album: Halsey- "Badlands"

  • Song: Gavin DeGraw - "I Don't Want to Be"



Stanley Weiner is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He obtained a degree in Economics as well as a Business Foundations Certificate.

At VeVa Sound, Stanley oversees client relations in Los Angeles, as well as Nashville and New York. He maintains relationships between VeVa Sound and our major labels in the United States with his primary focus in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Texas, Stanley enjoys the outdoors and listening to live music.  


  • Artist: Lil Wayne

  • Album: Nirvana - "Nevermind"

  • Song: The Wallflowers - "One Headlight"


 XAVIER MENAGER                                                  


Xavier is a graduate of the University of Manchester where he obtained a B.A. in Media and Business. He has since continued a career in the music industry as a Producer and award winning Engineer seeing him work across Europe, Asia and the U.S.

He has joined VeVa Sound to oversee the opening of our new London office and handle asset verification, archival migration and metadata creation for the European market. When any separate time does arise, Xavier enjoys cutting himself off from all electrical, technological devices and heading back to nature. 


  • Artist: Squarepusher

  • Album: Weather Report - "Black Market"

  • Song: Messhuggah - "Our Rage Won't Die"



Patrick graduated with a MFA in Recording Arts & Technologies at MTSU. He is an Audio Engineer / MIDI Programmer / Musician. His thesis was on MIDI / Remix Music Production / Recording in a Cultural Context Electronic Music Society. He is also a member of the Audio Engineering Society. 

At VeVa Sound, Patrick does archival migration and metadata creation in our Nashville office. His hobbies include being a street photographer with much of his photography being published in the Nashville Arts Magazine.


  • Artist: Warren Zevon

  • Album: Bobby "Blue" Bland - "Two Steps From The Blues"

  • Song: Mountain - "Sittin' On A Rainbow"





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