Collect and Preserve



Have all your assets? Verify that you do.

Music is made with passion and meant to be loved, enjoyed and remembered forever. At VEVA Sound, we are passionate to the point of perfection with preserving artistry in all forms. In fact, we have it down to a science.

We created the technology that has become the baseline for a global industry standard for the comprehensive verification, preservation and data management of audio and video assets.

With sophisticated internal software tools and a structured consistent methodology, we verify that the audio files for every track, mix, vocal and instrument on a given project is present, and in the best possible format with the highest resolution, validate that the proper people (both performing and non performing) involved in the project are correctly and accurately identified, and catalog everything -- from new master recordings, video, audio, photos – essentially anything an artist, label or content owner wants to preserve, monetize, and have access to for all time.



Giving credit where credit is due.

Music knows no boundaries. It reaches into the soul, brings people together and lifts us up. Today, it also spans the globe in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your irreplaceable audio and video assets are valid -- not just for many years to come -- but far into the future.

At VEVA Sound we enhance the value of any audio or video catalog and never stop working to ensure its long-term survival never ends. Whether you’re an established artist, a DIY performer, a record label or an institutional archive, we can help you secure your assets with state of the art services and tools for archival preservation and fast access, so that mixes, stems and individual audio files (and the metadata associated with them) are always available.

Our various enterprise-class hardware and software options offer you the best and most economical decisions for ongoing preservation and immediate access to all your assets.



In it for the long haul.

Today’s artists and performers generate unprecedented amounts of carefully crafted work. Music, video, photos, mixed media – yesterday, today and tomorrow – legacies that deserve to be properly preserved.

At VEVA Sound, our unique enterprise-class data management techniques and metadata tools ensure the usefulness, sustainability and value of any catalog.

Our state of the art technology and highly skilled engineers, coupled with real-world workflow expertise, makes sure that nothing is ever lost along the way. High quality transfers and migration to digital preservation file-sets are available from any source, including at risk or deteriorating media and obsolete formats.