Making the old new

VEVA Sound has always championed the importance of preserving legacy recordings. While the number of machines capable of playing back this legacy material for transfer and digitization purposes has been rapidly diminishing over the past decade, our collection continues to grow. VEVA has a co-venture with Useful Industries that allows clients to move easily from the technical transfer facility to the studio environment for playback, overdubs, remix, project preparations for remastering and a number of other in-house production opportunities.

Our clients also have access to Asset Connect, the world’s leading asset management platform utilized by the largest music companies, to independent labels and individual artists, to organize, manage and access their catalog. Asset Connect stores all transferred files and technical metadata via the DDEX RIN message so our clients have access to everything associated with their assets creating a seamless environment for repurposing of their content. We custom-tailor our proprietary software to each client’s unique specifications.

VEVA Sound’s impeccable transfer practices and technology have resulted in our working with companies and major artists from around the world preserving some of the best selling music in history.