With VEVA Live, we archive your artist’s shows, during their tour! 

Based on the same services we have provided for labels and artists for the past 17 years, VEVA Live! Will VERIFY, VALIDATE + ARCHIVE live performances for any type of future use.

You gain immediate access to all files to instantly create content for:

-Increased fan engagement

-Immediate releases to DSP’s

-Promotion for shows later in the tour 

-Incentives to join a fan club

Archive and have access to all of your performances with the added security of systematic backups and 24/7 accessibility - never loose a show’s recordings again!

Sending files is easy! Simply ship us your drives, or use our secure upload portal to zip live performance session files directly to us.

Our archive + verify process is the industry standard in future-proofing your recordings.

  1. Metadata

We enrich the files with metadata so at any time you can search + fully access by:

  • Song Title

  • Date

  • Venue + all related data

  • Performers

  • Guest Performers

  • Any other information you would like us to collect

2.  Future Proofing

Your assets and metadata are stored on the cloud in our platform Asset Connect with 24/7 access, backed up to LTO + your original drives are shipped back to you. 

At SONY MUSIC NASHVILLE capturing the music that our artists create is of the upmost importance to us. Being able to manage and archive those recordings for current and future use IS MADE POSSIBLE with the exceptional services that VEVA offers. Their master verification + archival processes are handled by a HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL + EXPERIENCED TEAM of people. They are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS at what they do + it is SUCH A PLEASURE to work with them on a REGULAR BASIS.
— MINDI MCCORMICK Director, A&R Administration Sony Nashville
VEVA gives us peace of mind that Jason’s music is STORED PROPERLY AND SECURELY. It’s important for archival purposes as well as quick and easy access.
— -TRACI THOMAS TT Management (Jason Isbell)